Wednesday, 9 February 2011

JT - Feedback for Last One Standing rough cuts

In our first initial rough cut, we got feedback off two fellow media students Becky Wholley and Hannah Ferreria. We chose them because they are of a similar age of our intended target audience and also their media skills and ideas could help us improve on our opening.

  • They said that the initial idea is good but the idea wasn't clear enough for the woods part because it doesn't have any transactions or effects on (we solved this by putting the wods scenes in black and white and also having transactions , such as a t.v fuzz to signify it's a home movie)
  • Also to make our idea more clear we are considering having a radio playing instead of music, the radio will say something along the lines of "1 year today that the girls went into the local woods and tragically only 1 survived, but it is still an ongoing mystery".
  • They said that the sounds need editing (we over came this by getting rid of all the diegetic sound within the house but keeping the woods parts. We are also thinking about non-diegetic sound such as a radio playing).
  • More distinction of characters so the audience know's who the girl is in the woods
  • But overall it is good, and the shots creating the effect that someone is approaching the house is good

Katie: Not clear that it is a flashback of the girl in the bath and what the flash back is actually supposed to show. The shots that were used through the front door when ellie was walking to the bathroom made it seem as though the bathroom was downstairs, however this was confusing as there is a shot after that shows the light upstairs being turned on. After watching a second rough cut once some editing had been done, I didn't think this anymore.

Ruby: no water in the bath, needs a lot more editing
When me and Jess got further feedback on Last One Standing and the main comment that was coming up was that our final girl Ellie, looks more like a scream queen because she poses infront of the mirror, is bossy in the woods and the shots reveal her good physique (revealing) so therefore seems more like a typical scream queen (although she has brown hair, which we could challenge the stereotypical role of scream queen).

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