Tuesday, 18 January 2011

GM - Production Schedule


We booked a camera and tripod out over Christmas so Jess and I planned to take a whole day (30th December) filming during this time. I have tested the lighting for the shots of the outside of the house, which we will need to provide alternative lighting for because they will be filmed in the dark. In this case it is very simple and we can just switch the outside lights on which will illuminate the house. 

We planned for our main actress, Ellie to arrive on set at 1.30pm which gave us a few hours to talk over the plan for the afternoon and give her some direction on what to do. After testing I had found that the best time to go and film in the dark is dusk (around 4.30pm) so we tried to work with this however it was not crucial because torches, an alternative choice of lighting, were to be included in the wood scenes anyway. Ellie was only available until 5.30pm so we had to film her parts in the wood separately. Our blonde girl (Abi) could only meet us at 6pm so we arranged to meet the other two extras then as well. We told them vague timings for the day but they were finalised nearer the time and we kept in touch on the day.

If any of this needed to be re-shot we had the chance to do it over the weekend or it can be done during the editing process.



By completing all of our filming in the Christmas Holidays, we have left plenty of time for editing our footage. We are going to aim to get our first rough cut done by Friday 21st February, with our second rough cut, including sound will be complete by Wednesday 2nd February. This gives us a bit of spare time to sort out any problems with it and have our final version complete by the Friday 4th February.

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