Monday, 13 December 2010

GM - My coursework pitch

For my two minute opening coursework task I have chosen the slasher genre. The inspiration for my idea was the film Psycho, directed by Alfred Hitchcock and released in 1960.

There has also been a remake which was release more recently in 1998.

The shower scene is very common with the slasher genre and have been adapted in other movies. A more low budget approach to this scene is Succubus by some pupils at Hurtwood House.

Here is me pitching my ideas to the class. Everything I mention is below with a few extra details.

  • The establishing shot is of the outside of a big, white house where we can see the bedroom light on. This shot will use a blue tint, a convention used in movies such as Halloween. This first shot will be taken with some branches obstructing the lense to connote that the girl is being watched. Some dutch angles may also be included.
  • The camera zooms in on the bedroom and we can see a stereotypically blond, skinny, pretty girl in her room, getting ready for a bath, taking her earrings out, brushing her hair.
  • We watch her walk out of the room whilst putting her dressing gown on and once again observe the outside of the house as the bedroom light goes out and the bathroom (next door to the bedroom) is switched on. This will be hand held filming.
  • In the bathroom we see her running the bath, with close ups of her hands on the taps and the water filling the bath.
  • The mirror begins to steam up and she draws a heart in the bottom right hand corner. She then pouts/smiles at her reflection.
  • There is then a medium close up of her legs walking over to the bubble bath and she hangs her gown up on the radiator before stepping in.
  • Using a high angle we see her shutting her eyes and plugging her music in.
  • Extreme close up of the murderers hand on the door handle turning it.
  • The murderer is never revealed we only ever see his hands as he pulls out the cord from the dressing gown.
  • The lights go out and we can hear the girls scream fade as she is strangled.
  • The lights are then turned on.
  • We can just see her body floating in the water with hair over her face and the cord draping over the side of the bath, whilst still wrapped around her neck.
  • It will be edited quite slowly at first, but the pace increases as it gets more tense.
  • There will be no dialogue but we will be able to hear the music playing though her headphones.
  • On top of this there will be one long drawn out note with the pitch and tempo varying throughout.

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