Wednesday, 3 November 2010

GM - Top tips for my next Micro-drama

1. Have all of the paperwork ready including the Call Sheet, Camera Shots and Storyboard so that filming can start immediately. This will save time!
2. Have people starring in the film that can act or failing that make sure that the directions that they are given are detailed enough.
3. Use the time given more wisely to ensure that you get everything you need done.
4. Be aware of the surrounding sound e.g loud wind to consider how you act. For example using a louder voice. Or you may need to re-record the audio and add it to the film later on in the editing process.
5. Film the same scene from more than one angle for a variety of shots and perspectives.
6. Consider using a voice-over, narrative or title cards to aid the audience.
7. During the editing process, watch the film the whole way through to make sure that no key parts or missing or any dialogue has been cut out unintentionally half way through.
8. Try to use a variety of mise-en-scenes throughout the film.
9. For more variation, consider a range of settings for the film.
10. Remember to press the record button on the camera then count in for 2 or 3 seconds before starting the filming. This will make it easier in the editing process for cutting the clips.
11. Remember to put bloopers on the end of the movie for comical effect.

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